Servicing The Small and Minority Business Persons and Professionals

Who We Are

GNHBPA was created to empower minority and female-owned businesses. For more than 50 years now through its professional staff and dedicated groups of volunteers, minority owned small businesses have received supports towards reaching the often-difficult road of profitability. GNHBA provides support through its massive business network, technical support, and training resources, which help hundreds of firms and small businesses to become established, profitable enterprises. The leadership of the GNHBPA is active in the business life of the Greater New Haven area. We know the bankers, development corporations, civic and government officials who make things happen. Our members have a range of skills, from accounting to law and other key services that can help you succeed.


Weekly networking meeting to allow professionals to introduce themselves and their businesses to other local businesses and professionals. 

technical assistance

Connecting our members to the resources they need to help them start, grow or expand their businesses. We will get you to the right people.

YEP Programs

Greater New Haven Business and Professional Association Inc. is determined to bridge the gap between local minority youth and their desire to become entreprenuers and professionals in the future. During 2017, we will begin to adress how our organization can help to stimulate and promote the development of our youth in business.

How We Can Help

Entrepreneurs have vision and drive, but they also need a plan. Business planning is an organized approach to launching or running a business, it can make or break that vision. By connecting you with experienced counselors we are able to help you move your business to the next level. We provide services that support your business needs, including companies that wish to start-up, spin-off, be acquired, bought-out, turned-around or reorganized. 

  • Entrepreneurial and Management Training.
  • Technical Assistance.
  • Finance and Marketing Assistance.
  • Referrals and leads for new business development.
  • B2B Networking Opportunities.
  • Basic business resource center.
  • Joint membership with GNHBPA and local Chamber of Commerce.e

Role Of Members

The GNHBPA membership works together, solving problems, providing specialized knowledge and offering support and encouragement, for the benefit of each member. Our weekly networking meetings allow you to draw upon the skills and resources of seasoned professionals. 

Sharing leads and partnering to respond to contract opportunities are regular features of these sessions. They also provide a useful support system that lets our members realize they are not alone in the difficult times that accompany business growth.

Members implement many of GNHBPA programs, from the Annual Awards Dinner to the launching of new subsidiary enterprises. Our members are willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved. It's good for business. It's good for the spirit. And, it keeps GNHBPA vital.

Members also benefit from:

  • Free listing in our Membership Directory and our website. Access to post on our social media sites.
  • Access to the business resource library.
  • The Small Business Institute, with special services for start-up businesses.
  • Access our Bid List and find out what jobs are available and how you can bid on them.
  • Weekly network meetings as well as bi-weekly Contractor's Coalition meetings.

Educating Our Youth

Greater New Haven understands the importance of youth development and has begun to take a more hands on approach to helping raise business awareness and encourage young entreprenuer's. By providing them access to the years of knowledgeable and successful business men and women throughout their communitites they can begin to understand the importance of business.

  • Gain a clear understanding of business
  • Researching viable business ideas
  • Business Planning
  • Legal Structure
  • Resources
  • Networking

Call or Fax Us at Office:  (203) 562-2193 or Fax: 203-562-0387

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